Knowledge Exchange program

Knowledge exchange program

"Knowledge Exchange Program" is our signature program which invites specialty doctors around the world to Mongolia to work with local hospitals.

Engineering world health

Engineering World Health is a dynamic global program serving engineering students, health care professionals, communities around the world and, most importantly, patients in need.

Introducing Rapid Diagnostic

Various WHO and Mongolian Health Authority studies revealed Mongolia has serious improper antibiotic prescription due to lack of or too expensive means to detect viruses.

Eco Tog

Oddariya believes technology breakthroughs and innovations are a strong force to bring efficient solution and productivity to the medical sector. And we are starting from the ground with the brilliance of young people. 

Capacity building and training for local healthcare workers 

Oddariya provides on-spot capacity building activities and training for local health care workers to help them grow professionally, have lifelong learning opportunities for personal wellbeing, work-life balance, stress management, and understanding own and patients struggles.  Working closely with healthcare workers also gives us a unique opportunity to bond with them, understand the actual challenges they face in their work environment, their true needs and have fruitful discussions and partnership toward solutions.